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Founder/President Devil Dog Brew

Mustang Major (Ret.) Hank Salmans USMC Major Hank entered the Marine Corps in October of 1984 and, after an illustrious career, retired as a Mustang Major in 2005. Hank knows coffee. He loves it so much that while on missions as a Sergeant in Panama he learned the coffee roasting trade and speaks the language. After his retirement from the Corps, he decided in 2006 to start Devil Dog Brew as a way, to not only introduce the public to 100% Gourmet Arabica coffee roasted in the rich South American style, but to create a tool as a means to allow himself and the public to assist injured and families of fallen Marines in need with financial support. That mission continues today and has been expanded to include, not only his beloved Corps, but all Veterans and Community 1st Responders. Major Hank can be contacted at:

VP Training/Consulting (Servant!)

Hank (Father Time) Salmans likes to say he spent most of his younger years running ‘roundup’ over his son the Major! In reality, Hank started his work career working with Vertol , under contract to the Corps from ’65 – ’70. He moved on to spend 21 yrs. in the Law Enforcement community with the City of Wichita and as Chief of Police with the city of Great Bend, KS. Upon retirement from law enforcement he started his own mgmt/consulting firm. He then founded and managed WINN Ministries (Working in Neighborhoods Now) where he developed One Square Mile, an intentional system connecting diverse elements of a community in conjunction with neighborhood churches Hank brings the expertise from his career to Devil Dog, to assist the Area Distributors in improving their sales and marketing and to Groups who wish to utilize Devil Dog Brew as a fund raiser tool to maximize their sales. Hank inspires and motivates with his unique approach to community-building and problem-solving. As Hank likes to quote, ‘Everybody in the Corps is basically a Rifleman!’ thus when called upon he also assists with sales of our Gourmet Devil Dog Coffees.

Stan Cichuniec COO

US Army ’67 – ’69 Stan is the ‘Army Brat’ of Devil Dog Brew and is the Chief Operations Officer for the company. Stan answered his country’s call and volunteered to serve a tour in Southeast Asia from December ’67 – ’68. He served with the 25th Division assigned to the 3/13th Artillery. The motto of the 13th is; ‘WITHOUT: FEAR, FAVOR OR THE HOPE OF REWARD” and this has been Stan’s work ethic his entire life, and he brings those words to Devil Dog every day. As part of his mission with DDB, he took on the responsibility of organizing and acting in the roll of ‘Managing Partner” of Devil Dog Colorado, the distribution arm for DDB. You can reach out to Stan at:

Devildogbrew Representative for Texas Working out of the Metroplex area

Joshua is a USMC Disabled Veteran, who along with distributing Devil Dog Brew for the great State of Texas, also owns & operates Devil Dog Graffix. Joshua and his family resides in Venus Texas.

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