• Francis H, North Little Rock

    April 03, 2019

    Hello, Some years ago I purchased several bags of Snipers Brew, Classic Roast, Medium Drip Grind which I believe you now call your ‘Gold Blend’. I froze the bags and occasionally added portions to another coffee. The Snipers Brew maintained its flavor and robustness and was still a superior taste experience.It’s a thinking persons’ coffee, not for the nervous or faint of heart; you can drink it and have the benefit of being focused but steady and patient. No shaky trigger finger. The kind of coffee Special Agent Leroy Gibbs would drink. I have tried MANY different coffees through the years and there’s only a handful that don’t tear my stomach up or give me a-fibs. Devil Dog Brew is one of those and I’m very much looking forward to receiving the bag of Devil Dog Gold I ordered today. ... Read More

  • Ron Coffey

    February 07, 2018

    "Devil Dog coffee is simply the best coffee I have had. I particularly like the flavored coffee. The flavors are in balance with the coffee, and actually have the flavor they are supposed to have.

    I deal with a lot of companies, and there is simply no better one out there than Devil Dog. It is also nice to know that on top of all of this, you are helping veterans in need. Outstanding coffee, a great company, and an excellent cause."
    ... Read More

  • Bill Miller

    February 07, 2018

    What I believe is one of the most invaluable parts to Devil Dog Coffee Colorado is their excellent give back support for active duty and veteran wounded warriors. Their customer service to me instills the business confidence that has been lost in most other business operations. Thanks for supporting Wounded Warrior U.S.A ... Read More

  • lakewood, co patron

    February 07, 2018

    "Found a bag of Caramel Creme in the pantry and fell in love with it. So glad I took the time to brew that up." ... Read More


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