Devil Dog Brew


4th of July thoughts

By Manolito Bastasa

Another 4th of July weekend is upon us. As a kid it was a happy and sad time for me. Happy because school in WNY was finally out but sad, because my dad's patented statement each year was and I quote, "Well the 4th's here summer's over"!!! Not exactly what a young kid wanted to hear with school just getting out roughly 10 days ago.

The great thing about the 4th in our family was that it meant a huge picnic at my grandmothers old farm with great food, music, a pick up baseball game with the entire clan and, the party lasted late into the night.

It wasn't uncommon for our grill to look like the one pictured here. But as I grew older I learned that I needed to control what I basted that meat and corn with. That's where 'Old-Soldier' came into being. Moving to Colorado helped me improve my diet but I also had to cut down on the salt and sugar I added to my diet. Since I'm the only one left in my family I guess you can say I made the right choice. So may I suggest you take a look at these great rubs and spice blends and think about your health.

Check out the Warriors-brew or Devil Dog web site to learn more about the 'Old-Soldier' line of salt & sugar free 100% natural rubs and spice blends.

By the way, Enjoy your 4th and go ahead and enjoy a few fireworks and adult beverages on me. Chow!