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Chicken Kabobs Old Soldier Style

By Manolito Bastasa

Being sick of the same old flavours on the grill, we came up with a great recipe that uses Mexican Poultry Seasoning from the Old-Soldier seasonings blended together with a few extra ingredients for a great new twist on regular old Kabobs. Enjoy these Chicken Kabobs that you can do either inside with the broiler or outside on the grill.


The one thing that makes these so nice, is that they stay super juicy through the cooking process. If you are so inclined, you can inject the chicken with the marinade as well to give it that extra flavour rush when consuming. One of my fun things to do so that you get a great taste with every bite, not just the bites saturated by the marinade.

It seems so often that the tops of the chicken never get as marinated as the bottom (mostly because I do it overnight while I'm sleeping or while at work all day so I can't rotate them). By injecting the chicken (you don't even need to cut it up first), the flavour comes through from the inside!


Using the fatter sides of the breast really help keep it on the stick, so cutting the chicken so you aren't left with the small pieces is always good. I like to cut the fatter pieces off first - at about the 1/2 mark - then "tandori" strip the rest of the pieces so they can fit on the skewers.

Voila - your finished product!!


Enjoy these and let us know what variations you used with veggies on Facebook, twitter or instagram!