Devil Dog Brew


Christmas Spice Mocha treat!

By Manolito Bastasa

At a number of our tastings and shows this holiday season folks have been inquiring about, 'That great drink we've been sampling'! The next question has been, 'If we purchase the coffee how do we make it?" so we figured we should probably post it on our blog page so you all can enjoy it.


Christmas Spice Mocha Frap!

You will need the following items to make this great creation:

* a 12 oz bag of our Sugar/Allergen free Christmas Spice Mocha blend.

* Pint of your favorite ice cream

* Either a piece of dark chocolate or Ghirardelli's Chocolate & Caramel Syrup

* Blender

* Adult beverage of your choice. (We suggest either a Chocolate Mint Liqueur or Irish Creme)

* Whipped Cream

* Ice

Proceed as follows:

> You then measure out a full pot of ground coffee (12 coffee tbsp in a filter basket)

> Now only add water to the four (4) cup mark ( You need to make it strong to hold up to the ice & ice cream you will be adding.

> Brew the blend and when it is complete add the coffee to the blender to the 8 oz mark

> Add one to two scoops of your favorite ice cream

> Add one handful of ice cubes

> Turn the blender on and run till the ice breaks up. (Running it to long will make it to thick)

> Pour the mixture into either a cup or a tall glass fill to within 2 fingers of the top

> Add the liqueur (approximately 1/2 a shot)

> Top with whipped cream and shave the chocolate or add the Ghirardelli's to the top with a flair!!