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Easy 4th of July meal! Old-Soldier Sloppy Joe's

By Manolito Bastasa

This time of year we would rather be outside enjoying the weather than spending time in the kitchen. Here's a quick and easy summer meal sure to please the entire family and give you time to really enjoy your summer. What I love about this one, is you can make it up in advance and reheat it the day you want it. Making plenty of left overs is the best way to ensure you have a little more for another day since these easy sloppy joes are a crowd pleaser!

It's an Old-Soldier twist on a Sloppy Joe recipe using chipotle/raspberry sauce rather than chili sauce. We purchased the chipotle/raspberry sauce at Whole Foods Market but I believe it is available at other natural markets in your area. We use the 'Old-Soldier Coffee Infused Taco seasoning' in this one and 90% lean ground beef. The Taco seasonings is sugar free, sodium free, gluten free, & MSG free, which helps cut down the amount of salt in the recipe which is found in the other ingredients. You can sub out the buns for a gluten free favourite - we like the Canyon Bakery ones, though there are a few new ones out that are rather tasty for being gluten free!

ENJOY and let us know what you think via facebook, twitter or instagram.

By the way. . . Happy 4th!


Great drink option at the bottom of the recipe