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Fish Fry the Old-soldier way

By Manolito Bastasa

Summer time means quick easy meals that aren't to heavy. With my Western New York upbringing that usually meant at least one or two fish fry dinners a month usually on Friday night at a restaurant along the lake enjoying the sunset and a cool breeze.

I don't have the lake here in Denver but having a casual Friday night dinner pool side is even better and for one thing, no mosquito's along the front range!!!

Keeping in mind I am concerned about my health I wanted the fish fry to be as healthy as possible using the Old-soldier Mexican poultry/seafood seasoning since it is salt free, sugar free, and all natural. I also chose panko crumbs since they are low in sodium for the batter for the fish. I chose a salmon fillet and a farm raised cat fish fillet for this meal to add some variety and served a healthy tarter sauce as a side. I use butter milk in this recipe and for a second side I choose frozen curly fries which I cook over the grill in the new pan I received as a Father's day gift. Here is the recipe I hope you enjoy it along with a strawberry daiquiri!


Easy fish fry for casual pool side meal.