Devil Dog Brew


Light summer dinner for 2

By Stan Cichuniec

The weather is great and the grill is just begging for use! This recipe is for the, 'seafood' lover out there who wants to enjoy a great summer evening on the patio yet make a meal that is easy to prepare so they can sitdown and enjoy each others company along with great food and not have to go to a busy restuarant! I call this one, "Mexican Style Tilapia with cherry salsa'

For this one I used a tilapia fillet rubbed with my, 'Old-Soldier Mexican Poultry/Seafood' rub and made up a cherry fruit salsa. For the side I called on good old, 'Uncle Ben' and chose his, 'Spanish style rice' along with a bit of Yellow Tail Sangria! For dessert I chose a selection from my local Kroger's Market. One of their specialty cakes, a 'Triamisu for 2'

Hint: if you don't like spicy leave out the serrano chili when you prepare the salsa! ENJOY and remember. . .'This is not a dress rehearsal so enjoy today!!!!