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Memorial Day Remembering and Burgers
By Manolito Bastasa

What we have now known as the official beginning of summer come this Monday - Memorial Day. I was recently down in Castle Rock going coming off of 85 and looked to see a beautiful mural that was painted under the bridge as a tribute:


This mural was done by artist Janene DiRico-Cable. What a great reminder to all of us who did not serve, but live in this free country thanks to so many who gave so much. Read more about the mural here. This is a great reminder of what this weekend really is about - time to give thanks and remember those who gave so much. So in the midst of your time off work, camping weekend, or the beginning of your summer break, take some time to say thank you to all the vets and currently active military members who are and have given their time and efforts in order for the rest of us to have this time to call ours.

Whether you are planning a camping get-away or staying in town to fire up the BBQ, here's a great recipe using Old-Soldier Beef Rub added to ground meat to make the most incredibly tasty burger you can have - period. You can choose your type of meat to make the burger out of, but do remember (unless you have a dietary restriction like some of us do), the more fat in the meat, the juicier the burger. I know, not exactly healthy, but - Y.U.M.

A perfect side you may ask? Well, don't forget that Old-Soldier Salad Seasoning is so great on more than just salad. Have you tried the dip yet? Hmm, maybe now is the best time to do that - then make some more for Memorial Day as well. Plus, the Old-Soldier Seafood seasoning can be sprinkled into the cocktail sauce when serving up shrimp to munch on while your burgers are cooking. Maybe try a few dashes of the salad seasoning in your sour cream and add to a perfectly baked potato - again, need I say YUM? Remember that all of the Old-Soldier Seasonings and Rubs are gluten free, allergen free, salt free and allergen free. Wow, with such great blends and tastes, it's sure to be the best thing in your kitchen.

So, as promised, here is the Best Burger Recipe on the BBQ using the Old-Soldier Beef Seasoning and Rub. Enjoy your time this weekend and be sure to thank a vet and currently serving military! God Bless

Old Soldier Gourmet Burger

Best ever Burgers with Old-Soldier Beef Rub

Enjoy and let us know how your weekend went with this recipe on Facebook or Twitter!