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Old-Soldier BBQ Chicken Breast w/Mushrooms & Coleslaw

By Manolito Bastasa

March weather in Denver has been great mid 70' days and warm early evenings, meaning its time to fire up the grill and enjoy an early dinner on the patio. I chose a boneless chicken breast for the feast and since I had a bag of coleslaw mix and a container of sliced mushrooms in the refrigerator to make these the sides.

I wanted something quick and simple so I didn't spend the day preparing a meal and not enjoying the beautiful weather. I also decided to see what I could do using 'Gates Original BBQ sauce' along with the 'Old-Soldier coffee infused rubs. In my past life I spent considerable time on contracts in the Kansas City area and fell in love with the Gates sauces. I felt it was time for Mr. Gates to meet the Old-Soldier and see what taste tempting treat they could develop. I wasn't disappointed the combination turned out great. The coffee infused all natural rubs brought out the flavor in the Gates and added to the flavor of the chicken.

I always pound my chicken breast to approximately 1/2 inch so it not only cooks more evenly but quicker. I don't mention the french bread in the recipe but did take a half loaf wrap it in foil toss it on the grill and serve it with a balsamic vinegar/oil blend that my Daughter-in-law and Son gave us for Christmas. You will also notice in the photos that I use a grill mat to cook on. I picked this up at one of the Holiday shows we worked last fall. It keeps the sauce on the meat, allows you to cook the side dishes at the same time and is easy to clean up. No worry about meat or sides falling through the grate on the grill.

You can purchase the Gates sauces either on their web site, or through Amazon. Of course the Old-Soldier rubs are available either on the Warriors-brew web store or Devildogbrew web store. Drop me a line on what you think at my email, and remember, 'ENJOY YOUR LIFE, THIS IS NOT A DRESS REHEARSAL!'


Quick & easy BBQ Chicken


Easy recipe for a quick evening meal. Serves 2