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Old-Soldier Blackened white fish
By Manolito Bastasa

You've been running around all month getting ready for the Holiday season. Along with the gifts and Christmas dinner you've been consuming only who knows how many meatballs, little wieners, boiled shrimp, veggie plates, chips, and cookies at those company and neighborhood early Christmas parties. Now you've decided to invite a few close friends over during the week between Christmas and New Years.

Here's a nice and simple change of pace to give you some time to unwind and enjoy the evening with your friends. A simple salad and blackened white fish dinner which will only take a total of 30 minutes to prepare. I used Tilapia in this recipe but Cod is also great. Since the weather is a bit cooler and you may not want to stand outside by the grill to cook the fish, I suggest using the 'Foreman' grill or a large frying pan. I found the 'Forman' to be a lot easier and quicker with less clean up and mess in the kitchen.

I like the spinach salad over lettuce for a change of pace and for health reasons. The optional items dress the salad up a bit and add an interesting taste.

I suggest a bottle of Riesling or a bubbly wine with the meal. ENJOY


Complement the fish with a healthy sugar free sodium free salad


Easy and quick great change of pace for entertaining this holiday week.