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Old-Soldier Pork Rub One Pan Recipe

By Manolito Bastasa

Ahh, yes. It's quite the amazing thing, cooking without a commercial kitchen - or without making an excruciatingly large mess. So maybe, just maybe, you would like to impress someone (or yourself) by looking like a pro chef, yet not having to spend the rest of the time cleaning the kitchen, this is the best thing that will happen to you. The nice thing is this recipe can be done in the pan on your grill as well.

One of the best things to cook up in my opinion is Italian Sausage. There are a bunch of varieties out there - of course we like our local Colorado favorites that you can find that are gluten free, msg free and nitrate free! One of the ones I eat a bit of is the Caninos Sausage, as it is also soy and dairy free too. You will like the taste, though admittedly I have only done the spicy Italian Sausage from them. I hear the others are good (but if not spicy, why?). )

To modify the grain option (if Paleo), you can do it up with either mashed plantains or mashed cauliflower. Enjoy this best in gluten free, allergen free, sugar free and salt free seasonings with the pork rub from Old-Soldier. One of my personal favourites for sure!!

As a side note, if you add just a smidge of the Old-Soldier Pork Rub into the side dish, it's! If you choose to do the jasmine rice with it, add a bit of the spice in the water (even if using a steamer). I like to add a salad or mixed greens with the Old-Soldier Salad Seasoning (find the recipe on the blog or on the back of the bag) - so addicted to the salad seasoning that I find I always carry it with me and use it on everything. I'll post a few ideas for using the Old Soldier Salad Seasoning on meats and fish as well as in rolls a bit later on in the blog.

Let us know what you think of this bad boy - and if you made it for someone special or just to keep the kitchen clean. Here's the step by step video for you. Enjoy!!

Old-soldier pork rub 1 pan recipe

Using sugar and salt free pork rub for a healthy and easy dinner treat

Find more recipes like this to use with the Old-Soldier Seasonings and Rubs on the blog page. Enjoy life #notadressrehearsal.

Until next time!