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Old-Soldier Slow cooker pulled chicken

By Manolito Bastasa

Busy schedules mean meals in a hurry. Times like these that old slower cooker or crock pot as we called it when we were kids, is the answer to your prayers. I came up with this recipe when my wife and I were running in too many directions and didn't really want to eat out at another 'fast food' joint, wanted a healthy meal, that was sugar free, sodium free, and a quick recipe. To dress it up we took a simple can of sriracha beans and added a bit of homemade dill pickle relish.

This recipe also works great for a quick FAC meal when you get together with a few friends or neighbors after work and just want to unwind and serve it as sliders. Hope you enjoy it and remember, all my recipes are available on this blog and also on Pintrest in my favorite-old-soldier-seasoning-recipes. Check it out and ENJOY!!