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Old-Soldier Spicy Italian Sausage w/peppers & onions

By Manolito Bastasa

Looking around the house, I found we had a package of Spicy Italian sausage in the freezer. I wanted to do something a bit fancy, but easy, feed four, for a Saturday night dinner/game night with friends. This meal fit the bill since it wouldn't take long and would allow me to converse with our friends while I prepared it.

You can get away with using only 2 sausage links if you slice them thin leaving a couple for a sandwich night. This makes the meat go farther and keeps the budget down. I also like to use the sweet peppers for their color and a way to tame the spice in the sausage. I only use a half jar of spaghetti sauce since I want the sausage and peppers to be the star of this meal. I call for the Old-Soldier Coffee infused, sugar free, gluten free, MSG free, all natural spaghetti sauce to add a bit more zing to the spaghetti sauce.

This meal also lends itself to making it a 'community prep meal' enjoyed with a glass of wine and friendly banter for the evening. While preparing, I suggest having some of the baguette and oil and balsamic vinegar set out so everybody can snack while preparing the feast. Here is a hint on the pasta; I used DeCecco Bucatini no.15 pasta since it is a sodium free product. Great taste and a healthy meal offering.


Spicy Italian sausage w/sweet peppers & onions


Great for a group cooking party!