Devil Dog Brew


Our South of The Border Blend

By Manolito Bastasa

We wanted you to know because we care.


Nothing says yummy like a cup of this Fairtrade Certified Chiapas El Triunfo coffee. Relish over the almost nut-like aroma while sipping this medium-bodied brew. This coffee is perfect as a breakfast blend.

Giving this coffee it's unique taste is created from the diverse and complex geographical locations in the Tropical Rain Forest along with the Cloud Forest.

This coffee is wholeheartedly committed to practice sustainability making sure that the is no disturbance of any natural resources outside of its boundaries. El Triunfo has such a unique ecosystems and is home to a vast amount of plants and animals, many that are in danger of extinction.

So wake up to this South of the Border coffee, especially if you have been looking for a medium-bodied, soft, clean tasting breakfast coffee. Enjoy!