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Shepherd's Pie with an Old-Soldier twist
By Manolito Bastasa

My wife and I were looking for a different meal to serve for friends. She found an old recipe from some time ago for Shepherd's Pie. It sounded great so I suggested we make a small modification and add Old-soldier beef rub to give it a kick. Wow - that's what this comfort food really needed. Just a bit of that Old-Soldier kick! This was a surprisingly lighter version of the Pie as well - always a great thing!

What we liked about this meal is that it is gluten free (using a gluten free gravy mix) and the only salt is in the beef gravy mix so it is a low sodium, low sugar meal. You can always opt to make your own gravy for this recipe as well if you have the time to do so.Some of the ones we've tried in the past were great with the gluten free flour mix from King Arthur as well as one that Debi's Gluten Free had. We have the option to either leave the skin on the russet potatoes or peel them. She chose to peel them for this recipe. We also added some peas to dress it up a bit.

Be sure to let us know what you think about this one on Facebook or Twitter! Hope you all had a great Memorial Weekend and were able to try the burger recipe we posted previously too!


Add some peas to add color and some warm crusty bread on the side. We've also added corn to this in the way past as it was a side note on the recipe card. I'm not sure I'd add both together, but you could always give it a try. Another modification you could try another time is adding a bit of your red wine to the ground meat as you brown it up with the Old-Soldier Beef Rub. If you do that, omit the cheese, as that will get too rich.

The nice thing about this one, is that it's not a very heavy meal made this way so you don't need to wait for comfort food weather to enjoy. One great thing about this too, is the Shepherd's Pie freezes and reheats wonderfully, so you can make up a little extra to enjoy for lunch or another dinner later on in the month.