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Shrimp on the Barbee 'Old-Soldier' style
By Manolito Bastasa

Shrimp on the Barbee Old-Soldier style

You want a simple meal on the patio after a long week. You want to impress that special someone with your culinary skills and before I forget. . . she's not a 'red meat' fan!!! Here's a simple meal that you both can enjoy and it won't tax your free time.

>Take a pound of shrimp clean all but the tails. Makes it look sexy that way!!!

> Grab some sweet peppers out of the fridge and wash them.

> Go get your 'Old-Soldier' poultry/seafood seasoning' and place two (2) tbsp in a quarter cup of white wine vinegar and 1/8th of a cup of agava syrup and blend.

> place the clean shrimp in a bag for 45 min. to 1 hr.

> After they marinate place them on a skewer along with the peppers and brush on some of the marinade.

> On a well greased grill set on low heat, grill everything for approx. 4 to 5 minutes till the shrimp are pink.

> Take a head of lettuce and cut off two wedges. Grab some Mayo, buttermilk, & 'Old-Soldier' salad seasoning and blend

> Place the wedge on a plate with the shrimp and peppers. Pour some of the mixture over the wedge of lettuce, mix up a couple of margarita's invite her to the table and enjoy!

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