Devil Dog Brew


Spicy & Sweet Slow cooker Beef w/Rice the Old-Soldier Way

By Manolito Bastasa

Round steak cooked in a slow cooker is always easy to prepare, enjoyable, tasty, and family friendly. There are numerous recipe's out there for this meat and the twist on mine is it is low in sodium and sugar. The key ingredient in making this dish is to use my Old-Soldier coffee infused beef rub. Like all of my rubs and spices this one is all natural sugar-free, sodium-free. The coffee enhances the flavor of the beef and adds the 'spice' to the recipe. If your kids are fussy eaters this dish should keep them happy. The meat is tender, there is great flavor, and the clean up is quick! The Old soldier rub is available on either the Devil Dog brew or Warriors-brew web store. The link to order is as follows; Devil Dog, Warriors-brew

Try it and let me know what you think. Also check out the other recipe's from Old-Soldier on this blog page.


Quick, simple, healthy, & family friendly! Spicy & Sweet Slow Cooker Beef