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Summer grilling delight

By Stan Cichuniec

South Seas Delight!

It's summer here in Colorado and at our place we like to spend as much time as we can out on the patio creating on the grill and giving the event a theme. This recipe is quick and simple and as with all my, "Old-Soldier" creations, the only salt and/or sugar is what you find in the condiments that you use.

I use flash frozen Mahi Mahi fillets from Trader Joe's market which I like because they are fresh caught, flash frozen and come from sustainable fishing practices. along with the mahi I served grilled pinapple slices as the side. It only takes about 3 minutes per side to give them the grill marks and warm the slices. It's not on the ingredient list but adds to the meal.

Another great part of this recipe is that you will probably have some leftovers and they make great Mahi taco's for a quick weekend meal. I just warm the remaining fish in a fry pan and shred them. I then add them to taco shells, fill with the fruit salsa, and top with cold slow. GREAT!!!

In the picture you'll see a refreshing non alcoholic drink I made up with the pinapple juice the slices were in. The drink recipe is as follows:

1 cup lemondade

1 cup pinapple juice

1/2 cup frozen pinapple chunks

Lemon wedges for side of glass

Pour first 3 ingredients in blender with crushed ice. Rim glasses with salt (optional), blend till slush, pour into glass & ENJOY!!