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Who's Hungry? Best BBQ Shrimp with Mushrooms

By Manolito Bastasa

Summer just makes me want to grill and spend time outside with great foods - keeping them light and easy. Nothing says "yummy" like BBQ Shrimp, especially when made with Old-Soldier Seafood Seasoning. Oh man, my mouth is already watering, just thinking about the last time I made this incredible dish. It's so light and has a bit of a zing, especially with Buffalo's own Weber's Mustard (click here to purchase). I know, if you aren't from back east, you just won't understand how special this mustard is. I always get that look -yes you know the look - "mustard is mustard, especially yellow mustard." But no, it's not. This is mustard with a kick - trust me, you will love it if you love mustard. There are just a few things we love from Buffalo - beside you Aunt Teresa - Anchor Wing Sauce, Weber's Mustard, and Sahlen's Hot Dogs. Lived there? You get it! Best of all, we get these in rather nicely thanks to Aunt Johanna.

Sorry, loosing focus on this great BBQ Shrimp recipe for you. Check out the video below and do yourself a favor - MAKE IT ASAP! Seriously, if you love shrimp, you will want to have this in your mouth. So wonderful. I personally make it with the medium shrimp as I am not a lover of prawns or larger shrimp. You decide what size shrimp you want. On a coast? Fresh is the best; being landlocked, fresh shrimp is not something we can usually get for home, just dining out on occasion.

The mushrooms will be using the Old-Soldier Salad Seasoning with the Coconut Aminos you can find at Sprouts, Whole Foods and even some of the larger King Soopers/Kroegers. I'm sure Natural Groceries may have it as well, not sure though. It's always worth asking about.

Here's the step by step video:

Old-soldier BBQ shrimp w/sauteed mushrooms

Old-Soldier BBQ Shrimp with Sauteed Mushrooms

You can get all the seasonings here on the site, click the store page and go to the seasonings. Remember all of the Old-Soldier seasonings and rubs are sugar free, gluten free, allergen free, preservative free, salt free and msg free. Let us know for sure what you think of these two and how you liked it! Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram! Until next time ~