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Summer grilling delight

South Seas Delight!

It's summer here in Colorado and at our place we like to spend as much time as we can out on the patio creating on the grill and giving the event a theme. This recipe is quick and simple and as with all my, "Old-Soldier" creations, the only salt and/or sugar is what you find in the condiments that you use.

I use flash frozen Mahi Mahi fillets from Trader Joe's market which I like because they are fresh caught, flash frozen and come from sustainable fishing practices. along with the mahi I served grilled pinapple slices as the side. It only takes about 3 minutes per side to give them the grill marks and warm the slices. It's not on the ingredient list but adds to the meal.

Another great part of this recipe is that ...

Coffee for Health

Yes, you heard right - Coffee for Health. Maybe you weren't too aware of the many benefits of coffee - not just for the skin or as a detox "helper", but drinking coffee on a regular basis is good for you. I was amazed at all the fun benefits that coffee can bring besides a quick pick me up in the morning to get me going.

One benefit I never even imagined could come from drinking a regular cup of joe was the overall detoxification benefits to flush out workout soreness. When that lactic acid builds up in the muscles after a workout, coffee's natural detox ability helps clear out the lactic acid, relieving pain as well as the caffeine pushes it through the body. Be sure to always do your water as well, since together they can really do the ...

Our South of The Border Blend

We wanted you to know because we care.


Nothing says yummy like a cup of this Fairtrade Certified Chiapas El Triunfo coffee. Relish over the almost nut-like aroma while sipping this medium-bodied brew. This coffee is perfect as a breakfast blend.

Christmas Spice Mocha treat!

At a number of our tastings and shows this holiday season folks have been inquiring about, 'That great drink we've been sampling'! The next question has been, 'If we purchase the coffee how do we make it?" so we figured we should probably post it on our blog page so you all can enjoy it.


Christmas Spice Mocha Frap!

You will need the following items to make this great creation:

* a 12 oz bag of our Sugar/Allergen free Christmas Spice Mocha blend.

* Pint of your favorite ice cream

* Either a piece of dark chocolate or Ghirardelli's Chocolate & Caramel Syrup

* Blender

* Adult beverage of your choice. (We suggest either a Chocolate Mint Liqueur or Irish Creme)

* Whipped Cream

* Ice

Proceed as follows:

> You then measure out a full pot of ground coffee (12 coffee tbsp in a filter basket)

> Now only add water to the four (4) cup mark ( You need to make it strong to hold up to the ice & ice cream you will be adding.

> Brew the blend and when it is complete add the coffee to the blender to the 8 oz mark

> Add one to two scoops of your favorite ice cream

> Add one handful of ice cubes

> Turn the blender on and run till the ice breaks up. (Running it to long will make it to thick)

> Pour the mixture into either a cup or a tall glass fill to within 2 fingers of the top

> Add the liqueur (approximately 1/2 a shot)

> Top with whipped cream and shave the chocolate or add the Ghirardelli's to the top with a flair!!

Just what is 'Air Roast'?

At least once at every show, street fair, farmers market, or holiday show, someone wants to know, 'what is air roasting'? Rather than rewrite the story here is a very direct explanation from the Kaladi Coffee company web page. I thank Mark and Andy for allowing me to reprint it.

What is Air Roasted Coffee?
Have you had coffee leave you with a sour stomach and an unpleasant, jittery feeling throughout your body? Or one that tastes burnt and bitter? We usually attribute these characteristics to a particular style of coffee roast or brand of coffee. Maybe it’s neither. In many cases it’s the roasting equipment causing the undesirable flavors. You might stumble onto this realization by having a cup of extraordinary coffee, as we did, ask what made it so, and discover – Air Roasted Coffee!
With Air Roasted Coffee you taste the coffee not the roaster. It’s the air that roasts the coffee not the surface of the roaster. So the coffee has a very clean taste that is intensely aromatic, minus the acids and bitter tars that are produced by conventional roasters. This roasting method was championed by Michael Sivetz, Chemical Engineer and Coffee Industry Consultant. He wrote the first scientific treatise on coffee, Coffee Technology. Disappointed with the state of roasting manufacturing, he developed and manufactured the first practical commercial air roaster: the Sivetz Fluid-Bed Roaster.
Most drum roasters today introduce hot air into their roast chamber, then the beans tumble and touch the hot surfaces to roast, like clothing in a clothes dryer. The Sivetz system levitates the beans on a fluidized bed of hot air, keeping the beans moving and not scorching on hot surfaces. The sole use of hot air greatly increases the rate of heat transference to the beans, creating a cleaner, more aromatic roast free of bitter tasting tars. Sivetz sold hundreds of these roasters all around the world, and many have been inspired to create their own air roaster based on his design. We created this website for fans of Air Roasted Coffee and to help you find an Air Roaster near you!

Now you know so just sit back, brew a pot, pour a cup and ENJOY!! Or as Andy would say, 'Chow'!

Coffee v Tea. Which offers more?

Every year about this time I hear the same comments from passing folks at our Farmers Market booth. 'I drink tea rather than coffee because it's healthier for you'!

I decided this week to do a bit of research on this topic to see what the "experts" had to say about this statement. I came across this interesting article on the, 'Ronnoco' blog page and felt it was a simple a short answer to my question:

The Chemistry of Health
Both coffee and tea contain—chemical compounds which fight against free radicals, the unstable molecules that can attack the DNA of cells and which can lead to the development of cancer agents. Caffeine, likewise, has a positive effect on health in its ability to increase short-term memory (the part of your brain that stores a phone number you’ve just looked up until you’re able to dial it), normalize function and prevent degeneration of the brain, and even lower the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease in later life. Beyond these shared benefits, however, each drink offers its own unique array of health advantages.
The Skinny on Tea
Green tea is especially and uniquely rich in a powerful cancer-fighting agent called catechins. A specific catechin, EGCG, was found by one study to and by another to. As if this weren’t enough, it’s also been, which makes it a clear winner for those struggling with obesity. When it comes to hydration, tea has a slight advantage over coffee due to its lower caffeine content. It’s also better than coffee for those who suffer from acid reflux. And finally, a Japanese study concluded that the odor of jasmine tea—meaning, if you’re looking for peace and calm in your everyday mood, you may want to consider tea over coffee.
On the minus side, the tannic acid present in black tea makes it more of a culprit than coffee when it comes to tooth discoloration. (A slightly ironic corollary to this is that.)
Exercise: Coffee Is King
While tea might be better for burning fat, coffee is the winner when you want more muscle. Coffee’s high caffeine content is famously effective at helping, a form of glucose that serves as energy storage and is the primary fuel for exercise. It does so by breaking down the body’s fat stores and releasing fatty acids into the bloodstream, which the body then uses for energy in lieu of glycogen. (Typically, only prolonged exercise will tap into fat stores to support the activity.) When stores of glycogen are depleted, exhaustion occurs; caffeine thus prolongs the exercise period by “sparing” glycogen for later use.
Whether you prefer coffee or tea, it seems clear they both do a body good.

Every year it seems that more research is coming out that shows how good coffee really is for the body. Yes, teas are good, but let's face it, when's the last time tea made you smile the way a freshly brewed pot of Devil Dog White Russian does?


Coffee vs Tea which offers a healthier drink?

Summer = Cold Brew

Each year as spring fades to summer and the temperature rises the words 'cold brew' become part of our vocabulary. This wonderful refreshing drink opens the door to a number of creative variations. Everything from adding a shot of Bailey's Irish Creme, ice cream, or just some heavy cream are a few we have seen and shared with friends.

Cold brew is touted for it's low acid content which is milder on your stomach. Devil Dog gives you even a milder cold brew because we start with our 100% Arabica Gourmet Coffee then we slow air roast the beans which produces a coffee with 30% less acid.

Devil Dog's cold brew doesn't require any of the 'fancy equipment' to create your cold brew. We have come up with a self contained 'filter pack' system which...

Our K-Cup difference

Devil Dog k cup difference

Compared to a standard k cup. You will love how easy it is to use the Bullets in your k-cup friendly machine. And did you know? We are now 2.0 compatible! You can enjoy Devil Dog and Warrior's Brew coffees in all your Keurig machines. Don't miss out on your favorite coffee ever again.

Devil Dog K-cup way to start the day!

New Day Dawning

The life of a soldier is full of surprises. That's why we start our day with a cup of Devil Dog Coffee made from our "Bullets"

It's Christmas Spice Mocha Time!


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