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Summer grilling delight
By Stan Cichuniec

South Seas Delight!

It's summer here in Colorado and at our place we like to spend as much time as we can out on the patio creating on the grill and giving the event a theme. This recipe is quick and simple and as with all my, "Old-Soldier" creations, the only salt and/or sugar is what you find in the condiments that you use.

I use flash frozen Mahi Mahi fillets from Trader Joe's market which I like because they are fresh caught, flash frozen and come from sustainable fishing practices. along with the mahi I served grilled pinapple slices as the side. It only takes about 3 minutes per side to give them the grill marks and warm the slices. It's not on the ingredient list but adds to the mea...

Chicken Kabobs Old Soldier Style
By Manolito Bastasa

Being sick of the same old flavours on the grill, we came up with a great recipe that uses Mexican Poultry Seasoning from the Old-Soldier seasonings blended together with a few extra ingredients for a great new twist on regular old Kabobs. Enjoy these Chicken Kabobs that you can do either inside with the broiler or outside on the grill.


The one thing that makes these so nice, is that they stay super juicy through the cooking process. If you are so inclined, you can inject the chicken with the marinade as well to give it that extra flavour rush when consuming. One of my fun things to do so that you get a great taste with every bite, not just the bites saturated by the marinade.

It seems so ...

Fish Fry the Old-soldier way
By Manolito Bastasa

Summer time means quick easy meals that aren't to heavy. With my Western New York upbringing that usually meant at least one or two fish fry dinners a month usually on Friday night at a restaurant along the lake enjoying the sunset and a cool breeze.

I don't have the lake here in Denver but having a casual Friday night dinner pool side is even better and for one thing, no mosquito's along the front range!!!

Keeping in mind I am concerned about my health I wanted the fish fry to be as healthy as possible using the Old-soldier Mexican poultry/seafood seasoning since it is salt free, sugar free, and all natural. I also chose panko crumbs since they are low in sodium for the batter for the fish. I...

Pork Rub ala TJ
By Manolito Bastasa

Pork can sometimes be such a bore to eat - it's always the same type of sauce or rub with no real zing or zest. Here's a great recipe using two of the Old-Soldier Seasonings along with a few easy to find ingredients. This is one of those you can make with as much heat as you like as the fruit in it gives that sweet end of the deal.


This is one we used with the pork loins, though you can use it on ribs as well. Here's what you need:

  • Old Soldier Chili Seasoning - approx 2T
  • Old-Soldier Pork Seasoning - approx 3T
  • Honey
  • Worcestershire sauce
  • Tabasco
  • Serrano or Jalapeno Peppers
  • Crushed Pineapple or Minced Apples (or applesauce)

Place these in a food processor and puree them together. Again, remember you ca...

Easy 4th of July meal! Old-Soldier Sloppy Joe's
By Manolito Bastasa

This time of year we would rather be outside enjoying the weather than spending time in the kitchen. Here's a quick and easy summer meal sure to please the entire family and give you time to really enjoy your summer. What I love about this one, is you can make it up in advance and reheat it the day you want it. Making plenty of left overs is the best way to ensure you have a little more for another day since these easy sloppy joes are a crowd pleaser!

It's an Old-Soldier twist on a Sloppy Joe recipe using chipotle/raspberry sauce rather than chili sauce. We purchased the chipotle/raspberry sauce at Whole Foods Market but I believe it is available at other natural markets in your area. We use ...

BBQ "Fried" Chicken
By Manolito Bastasa

Sick of the same old bbq every holiday season? Start a new healthy tradition with taste you won't believe. Yes, we are giving you the opportunity for the best damn chicken on the grilled, tasting like fried chicken, but without the grease and excess calories. One of the things you will love most about this recipe is the variations you can have to really make this work for you. Using the Old-Soldier seasonings and rubs, you are already starting with the sugar free, msg free, gluten free and preservative free options. What you use next will help you keep on that same track.


Main ingredients for the "Fried"

Summer Taco Salad
By Manolito Bastasa

The heat is just starting to rev up as summer begins and that means many of us don't have a big appetite come supper time. My niece Kim, in New Mexico, that's right in the U.S.A., came up with this great taco salad using my Old-Soldier Taco Seasoning.

Using fresh spinach & low fat ground beef, this is a one pan recipe that is: sugar free, sodium free, gluten free, and is sure to please the entire family on a hot summer's night. Give it a try I'm sure you'll enjoy every bite. In fact, make up enough to share with the neighbors to make it a simple summer evening picnic!


Kim's Taco Salad

Coffee Coolers
By Manolito Bastasa

Mmmm, Coffee Coolers are a delightful treat for all times of the year, and can be created with any flavour your heart desires. As promised, here is that recipe for the Coffee Cooler from Devil Dog. Now, just to be certain, I am going to say that whatever you add into your Cooler may possibly be adding sugar and calories that are never a part of the Devil Dog Brew Coffees. So to keep things on the lighter side - if you desire - be sure to use additions with low sugar and calories. Otherwise, enjoy and be creative after you try this one.

I absolutely love having my Coffee Cooler poolside on a hot day as I float around on my lazy raft floatie, though I will admit, this is a year long coffee drin...

Making a Cold One
By Manolito Bastasa

Okay, so it's not exactly the popular meme - crackin a cold one with the boys - but this one is just as great, the promised recipe for the Cold Brew. We'll post the cooler next time for you so you get some variation into the mix. Simple as simple is, the Cold Brew from Devil Dog is the only way to coffee all summer long. This is a great blend to have at the next pool party or neighborhood BBQ. The nice thing is it goes with everything from burgers and dogs to a steak or fish.

Of course I don't need to remind you that Old-Soldier Seasonings and Rubs go great with Cold Brew as well do I? Just in case you forgot, be sure to bring a packet or 2, maybe even the sampler set, to the next rondevous f...

Who's Hungry? Best BBQ Shrimp with Mushrooms
By Manolito Bastasa

Summer just makes me want to grill and spend time outside with great foods - keeping them light and easy. Nothing says "yummy" like BBQ Shrimp, especially when made with Old-Soldier Seafood Seasoning. Oh man, my mouth is already watering, just thinking about the last time I made this incredible dish. It's so light and has a bit of a zing, especially with Buffalo's own Weber's Mustard (click here to purchase). I know, if you aren't from back east, you just won't understand how special this mustard is. I always get that look -yes you know the look - "mustard is mustard, especially yellow mustard." But no, it's not. This is mustard with a kick - trust me, you will love it if you love mustard. T...


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